Tommaso Mini

    6th Dan JKA
    Tommaso Minì was born on 26 June 1951 in Carini, Sicily. He travelled with his family to Switzerland, where he started Karate in May 1972 with the Swiss Karate do Renmei.
    In addition to his work and career in the technical industry, he took various responsibilities in karate, perceived with lots of engagement and enthusiasm.
    - Technical director of the Swiss Karate Federation several years
    - Chairman of the referee commission Swiss Karate Federation – to date
    - Member of the Shiankai commission Swiss Karate do Renmei – to date
    - Member of the technical commission Swiss Karate do Renmei – to date
    - Chairman of the technical commission Swiss Karate do Renmei – to date
    - 1984 EAKF referee Kata and Kumite
    - 1991 EKF referee
    - 1996 WKF referee
    - 2001- to date - ESKA referee and technical commission
    - 2004-2012 EKF referee commission
    - 2006-2012 WKF referee commission
    - 2005 – 2012 EKF Chairman referee commission
    - 2013 – to date member of the WSKA referee commission 

    Tommaso's passion and commitment to karate is still huge, his dream is to unite traditional Ippon Shobu karate.
    The ESKA + WSKA organisation are open to all the national Shotokan karate federation, he supports both organizations with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.


    Executive Board
    Technical Committee
    Referee Commission

    Kata Qualifications

    Kansa (Ferrarra, 12/02/1990)

    Kumite Qualifications

    Kansa (Ferrarra, 12/02/1990)