Dr. Roland Pfister

    Dr Roland Pfister


    Dr. Roland Pfister was born in 1949 in Erlangen, Germany.
    After study and training at the University Hospital in Erlangen he became a Doctor of Medicine.

    In 1985 he founded an ear, nose and throat practice after Completion of Specialist training in Erlangen, in Coburg (the city from which Prince Albert, future husband of Queen Victoria of England, originated).

    Dr. med Roland Pfister doctor of medicine at the university for ENT and specialist in otorhinolaryngolgy , edoscopic and microscopic surgery and head and neck surgery and otoneurology.


    For over 20 years Dr. Pfister has been responsible for the medical oversight of both national and international karate championships.

    Dr Pfister began karate training in 1967 in Erlangen. Since then he has been awarded his 4th dan and is a grading examiner and licensed instructor of Shotokan karate. Dr Pfister enjoyed success as a competitor at national championships.

    He has had experience in the training of Karateka with respect to the anti-doping rules of WADA. Dr Pfister and the members of the Medical Commission for ESKA are developing guidance and advice for ESKA participants concerning implementation of the WADA code.


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